Reviews for "Moonstone"

wow. Changed your styles..!
I'm really surprised this track. And, I think this song is. "Beautiful,Amazing"
Nice work DJVI!

p.s :Are you used "Nexus Dance lead" in Blown Away?

I'm just register in NewGrounds rate this... epic. I luv dubstep, and this too :)

I don't review much anymore, but I came back just to review this.

Awesome song. It had everything going on in the right places. You didn't overdo the beginning to make people think they had to pay attention to too many sounds. Then you killed it with the beat pickup, and brought it back down just perfectly. This is what people want to hear. Keep on going with the music.

Really good song as always! I expected your normal techno, but I like this even more! Hopefully you make more dubstep, I like this better with no crazy wubs and stuff.

Those chords give me chills every time >v< love the beat and one of the hats sounds like a rapidly ticking watch, giving a sense of urgency, while the melody gives a sense of euphoria. Awesome