Reviews for "BOSS"

oh yea,my art didnt get appreciation from my boss but the situation is more or less the same...
like the style

Just another day in the life of a dreamer.

This raises a point- is it better to get into this kind of thing as a teenager as many of the popular animators on NG/YT etc do, or get into it later? For one if you get popular on the web first and never get a real job, it might be catastrophic when forced to work at something else one day. However with all the extra time you have before you get a job you might not be able to make the leap.

Wow, that was super fucking good. The art style was really nice, especially the colors. Backgrounds were beautiful as well. Animation was well done too, especially the fight scene. Overall, awesome work. Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you in the future.

Gorgeous work!