Reviews for "BOSS"

I like the notion of bosses like this. Then again, you weren't quite referring to video game bosses. I think it's great that you told us about how to make a webcomic. Granted, I'd probably never do it myself. Again, it seemed more like he'd be making a game.

I still think the animation is great. It is a really uplifting story. I'm glad I don't have a boss like this. We're on very good terms. I hope everything works out well for you.

Incredible. Brings tears to my eyes. :')

I love to draw too, but started doing so very late. I'm kinda in the stage where I am not so good. I hope to get a lot better in the future and eventually make animations aswell. :)

It's pure awesomeness! I hope there'd be more stuff like this on this site

sorry. but i wont rate 5 because there was no blood and gore, so why does it say teens??? other than that music was good. starting title was good. overall, u did a good job.

Beautiful, loved the ending to it had a proper feel good vibe to it. Epic music too!