Reviews for "BOSS"

This is really, really good. The loss of imagination is a great loss. You are a fantastic animator. Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged! ^^

Your choice of title had a rather profound effect on this piece, I think, and I'm glad I didn't read the description until I saw the video. With a name like "Boss" I kind of got the sense that this might be a work written from the rarely-covered perspective of the manager, and while I can't say I'm surprised that this wasn't the case, it did make me consider the boss character much more deeply. It's almost certainly not what you were going for, but it made the story way better for me. Kudos.

Everything about this i absolutely love and I can totally relate to this as its one of my biggest fears in life. Hope your career prospers, and keep inspiring us to push forward :)

That was brilliant! I really enjoy your art style. The characters look really nice and developed, and the score fit in very well with the scenes. Good job and thank you for sharing this with us! I hope you do plan to make more! :)

Your anmimation skills are great. I'm not suprised you were able to find a job in the industry, and congratulations for having the courage to walk away and do what you love! From what I see, i'd say you're talents are being put to much better use.