Reviews for "Good Morning and Die"

its a fun game but when i got off almost all the hard work was erased, at least i got threw the game faster than last time.

A solid simple platform game. Not easy at some points but also not frustrating. It has everything such a game should have.

Levels are well made and well constructed. Though I am sure I passed few of them not along the author's will.

The time limit was a great idea. The amount of time is accurately chosen and is enough to pass the game without big rush but simultaneously does not allow the player to be sluggish.

And in the end a brilliant closure.

simple, fun, and addicting. Felt original and familiar at the same time. portal maybe? yes.

awesome game but the level 42 is not possible because there is just 4 seconds to pass '-_-
i wanted rate 4.5 stars but the originality won 0.5 star ;)

Fun game, the controls are annoying sometimes and there are a few minor bugs but it's enjoyable nonetheless.
I knew the cake was a lie!