Reviews for "Good Morning and Die"

This was uninteresting and the only novelty was watching the next level load. So...Yea. Two stars for trying.

Some music would make this a great game. Now it is "only" worth 4/5

I was quite impressed by this game. I think the best part was probably how you got to see everything so well. I had no idea what to expect in the next level. The title gives off a good negative vibe. I know those medals appear on screen. The sounds are really good too, especially when you jump.

It's interesting to see how complicated it gets. You get great perspective. I love how this whole thing is just arranged. You get to see everything being set up. I love it!

OMG this game is so FUSTRATING!!!!. And i FRIGGIN' LOVE IT!!!

Great work :=)

I had to quit playing because the loading of the stages, and the animation of the pods involved took longer than actually playing the game. This should be called "Loading, the game".