Reviews for "Good Morning and Die"

Entertaining in a mind-numbing way.

I was looking forward to playing this, too bad it didn't tell me what the controls were.

The puzzles were really interesting, though I got a bit frustrated on the later levels!

meh without music or witty banter with the robot or even your own character i found it quite boring quickly also i know this is a platformer but why is it soo far away ill give it a 2 and half stars because the controls are pretty good everything else needs work

Great programming and fluid controls. I enjoy the premise of the game - that you have to go through so many levels in 'x' amount of time. Each level has varying levels of platforming challenges but they are not so difficult that they cannot be mastered through simple memory-motor responses. I love the way each level is broken up and assembled by 9 blocked sections. All that said, I like the game a lot. What if you could rearrange the level before you "start"? That would be an interesting twist to this game.