Reviews for "Good Morning and Die"

It's a proper (puzzle)platformer that lacks all originality. The mechanics have been done to death and in this game it is done in an okay way. The jumping felt okay, though some times there was sudden momentum from just trying to hop off the edge. Not perfect.
Jokes or story weren't there, but I think I saw something that was supposed to be an attempt at them.
There is no music, sounds are bare, and the graphics are bland.
Level-design was pretty good.
Now here's what made me not beat it: the time limit (and becoming bored). I'm not saying I was too slow, because I wasn't. No, this is because the timer is bugged. If you're going to make a timed game, in which the timer is necessary for progression, don't fuck that up. Whenever I died, the timer acted as if the time I had spent in my dead life was still taken off. The bug can be circumvented by retrying ("R") a second time, actually resetting the timer, but I found that one out when I was at level 46...

Short version: waste of time.

Fun game, simple platforming stuff, I'm down. But yeah if you're going to ape art design try not doing one of the most beloved games from the last decade.

Unoriginal, simple copy of Portal

The game lacks originality, ripping off portal without any smart comments for the A.I. It had no music and got pretty boring pretty quick. Sometimes when your character jump ends on the very edge of the platform he will lack momentum to jump again, this is very frustrating when you know you could hav made a jump and fail because the control refused to respond. But overall the Ending was the most disapointing aspect, not only it was unrewarding for the player who sticked around long enough to see it, but it was also astonishingly predictable and it seemed that the creator of the game didnt really think through what to offer the player for completing his game.

For me it was a waste of time.