Reviews for "Good Morning and Die"

3/5 Stars. It's an okay game but the repetitive gameplay nature kills it. There's a frustrating control scheme with no music and awful sound. If you can ignore these flaws it's a bit like an old 8-bit platformer, but not nearly as memorable or interesting as many of those were. I'd say skip out on this one.

+ Good ideas and level design
+ Original layout
+ NIce and simple graphics

- Outdated Portal references (and frustrating game ending)
- Weird controls (some of my jumps were taken into account a bit late, but that may be because of my computer ?)
- Collision glitch ? I can pass through a laser unharmed, if I move in the opposite direction
- Boring sounds (especially for the disappearing/reappearing platforms) and no music
- Did I mention the ending is frustrating ?
- Oh, some of the levels too. If you can't fully control the trajectory of the jump (and change direction mid-air), small platforms are just frustrating
- I finished the game with about 2:30 left, only because I died on purpose at the end of some levels and did them anew just to gain a few seconds. It is irritating (to say the least), and I feel like it's just a cheap way of making the game longer. Maybe par times should be given ?

Kind of pleasant, but with some flaws. Good effort anyhow, I feel like this game needs to be worked on, because it could become a very good game.

Art, aesthetics and graphics: Looks good for a retro style I suppose. Nothing really strikes me and it's ok, I like the background though.

Gameplay: It was pretty bland, and not that great. Somewhat solid platforming puzzles I guess is how I would describe this. For the majority of the game I felt like a lot of the puzzles were decent, but at other times I felt like they were getting too long and frustrating to get through, thankfully that's only at the end. I'm on the fence of the time idea, but I'm willing to roll with it, I like how some levels are red indicating you're over par time.

Story elements: I'm honestly really sick and tired of this pig slop, every indie game maker that's going to include an AI or testing scenario stop referencing portal. It's just a poor mans crutch indicating that you aren't good at writing, and that you're so bad at making dry humor or jokes that you need to rip them from portal. The only time I remember laughing at a portal reference is in the Stanley Parable. I could go on and on for years how annoying this is.

Sound design: Bland as a empty vast desert. Not that much really, no soundtrack from what I understand. Nothing to talk about really to be honest.

Overall it's a pretty mediocre game, I can't recommend it to a lot of people, I guess if you have time to waste and you like puzzles games, go ahead.

-Decent puzzles
-Smooth animation
-Good sound effects
-Pause button
-Level selection screen
-Walkthrough provided
-WASD and arrow key control scheme both supported.
-The chamber rearrangement level transition effect is pretty cool.
-The red text on levels where you're over the "par" time is really useful when trying to trim your time down (and the use of blue and red makes it colorblind friendly, to boot)

-First off, HUGE issue -your autosave feature randomly broke and wiped out most of my progress. I was at level 48 when my browser crashed, and under the "par" time on all but 46 and 47. Upon reloading I was at level 18. I had to replay 30 goddamn levels in one sitting. To say that I am a bit pissed off about this would be a fairly significant understatement. I don't know what went wrong this time, as it has worked otherwise, but if there is any type of testing you can do, it would be a good idea.
-The jump key is unresponsive - I will often press it while running and fail to jump, which usually involves careening right into a shock block or off a platform.
-I often get a glitch where I will phase through a laser or block.
-I am genuinely confused by whether or not this is supposed to have background music. I do not have any despite not having clicked any mute options, but the walkthrough video seems to have some.
-Game window is kinda small
-Look, I understand that Portal basically started the "solve puzzles in a facility controlled by an evil experimenter" genre. It's natural to want to pay tribute to it. But these references just suck. Some games can pull it off, but this is no Qoosh or The Telekinetic Incident. Those games had their own storyline that justified the experiment setting, and just used occasional tongue-in-cheek references. Here, the setting is paper thing, and literally the only reason for the game to be an experiment is to make hamfisted Portal references.
-No clear function for time limit - it's just kinda there in an attempt to make the game seem more difficult. It'd work well for a bonus medal, but I don't think it adds anything as necessary to beat the game.
-GamezHero logo blocks portion of game and frequently overlaps platforms. Ask me how much fun this made test 25.
-The unnecessary flashing of the "press space to start" text is really annoying.
-While this is less important with the lack of background music, all games with sound should have a mute button unless they're sound-based games.
-Several typos in "medals" section.


This is a game with a really solid base. While it has a few definite technical glitches to work out, it's clear that you really understand the principles of level design, and your puzzles are pretty good. But the game gets bogged down by its gratuitous Portal references and unnecessary timer. Fix some bugs, take out the timer, take out the Portal references, and let the game stand on its own, and you've really got something here.


Unoriginal; this is a flash knock-off of Portal 2,and a shoddy knock-off at that.Come up with your own ideas,and this game would be better.