Reviews for "Cycle; Fourth Moon"

feels like a blurry mishmash demo that got some serious buckling down put it into it...not a...4th game.

JackAstral responds:

Ahaha fair call. Thanks for giving it a go anyway :)

why doesn't the sky rotate with the world? do you not know how.... angles work?

game starts. i move a little over to the right.

i hit space bar and it opens up the letter box.

game over.

lol. how did you not see a bug like that in playtesting?

absolutely unbelievable. 0/5 across the board.

JackAstral responds:

What do you mean? Just click the (>) button to close it.

It is a fun enough game for a while, but somehow it remembers me of animalcrossing in A BAD WAY. It reminds me of aaaall the day skipping to get outfits/furniture.
Also there's nothing really to do in this game once you've paid the mortgage. So I wanted to get all medals and it means getting up- gathering the ore - looking for shirts and then waiting loooooong til I can sleep again. It's sort of annoying...
Ideas to improve this:
- get MORE longtime goals, like when you keep supplying the scientist he builds some stuff in town.
- implement some actual interactions with the neighbours
- balance out the money gathering. With ~10 trees you can make money a tad too fast. Also there was no point whatsoever in planting the sapplings D:
(Also pls explain the right/middle/left spot in your home at some point, it was a tad confusing, I thought middle might be next to the door and right where the bed is...)

Why I still rated this so highly is because it IS a cute game indeed. I liked that the fishing wasn't that hard, the flower decorations were nice and I can't complain about the graphics or the music. Sure it's not a super special awesome game, but it was definitely worth the first 2/3s of time I put into it.

JackAstral responds:

Ahaha fair points :v Thanks for the criticisms and review. I definitely think adding more longtime goals would improve the game quite a bit. Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

The game could genuinely, sincerely, and appropriately use a tutorial. Against that, it could also use a well-defined goal. For players like myself, you might also do better by zooming in a bit - or perhaps expanding the planet. My eyesight isn't the greatest, and the "fine tuning" on this game might be a bit much for a player whom is actually worse off than I am. Showing half the planet (or less) at one time, in greater detail would add to playability, I think. The music isn't unbearable, but gets somewhat stale.

You've got badges: This factor alone is worth sincere kudos.

I think that, were this game a bit more visually accesible, a bit more clearly stated (via tutorial), and had more clearly defined goals, it would rate higher, in my eye.

Keep in mind that I'm not writing this review as a troll. I'm being a sincere critic. If you want to discuss this more, please message me. If I didn't care, I wouldn't comment.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks so much for the detailed review- I'll look into fixing up some of things you mentioned :) Means a lot

Not a very good pause function if the time keeps passing when I pause.

JackAstral responds:

Ahaha true. It's more just a settings menu than a pause menu :b