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Reviews for "Cycle; Fourth Moon"

I quite liked this, I got to past the paying of the mortgage before quitting it. I agree with the mouse thing someone mentioned. I actually did adjust fairly quick to using both but would have been nice to just use the keyboard.

I reckon the mailbox would have been pretty cool to have been updated past the start. Maybe have a letter every now and then offering tips like mentioning hints about the villagers who pay double money for fish, ores etc :)

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! Yeah a lot of people seem to agree that the keyboard/mouse controls are kinda iffy. I'll work on improving them ASAP.

Great idea for the letterbox- I'll definitely add something like that in a future version :)

It is a great game, of it's kind.

The most important thing I find about it is, let us say, "coziness" of the little virtual planet,
that would very much not do without balancing aspects like [shops don't work at night], [there is one day a week that shop gives a 50% discount] yet [the player should not feel like he has "Not made it in time! aww" too much].

That balancing is an arguement, in my disagreement with some point a number of reviewers have expressed, the point that the player is moved with a keyboard, the letterbox or the other thing gets activated with a keyboard, yet the opened menu needs a mouse click to close. Well, that is actually good, cause it keeps the game experience in the line of not being a "Shift"-like skill mastery ground, but of "coziness." ':)

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! Great points- coziness is definitely what I was going for. :)

I think there might be something wrong with this. I got a medal, but then it didn't show up. It happened when I refreshed the page. I still think this is a pretty good game. I am not that interested to get too much into it, though. I don't really like these kinds of games.

It still has a lot of hard work put into it. I especially like how well detailed everything is. It's always nice to get a big open picture of everything that's going on. I'm kind of familiar with the games you mentioned. The music gives off a great feeling of outer space.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks for playing + reviewing :)

I'm not sure about the medals thing- it seems to be working properly for me. I'll look into it!

It's definitely a cute little timewaster. It's a little short though... There are a few things I think you could do to add to it. First, maybe make it so interiors only are in top-down mode? Then add more furniture and posters so you can decorate your house. And maybe even interact with your objects, usefully or not, like show your character hopping around and play music if they hit space by the stereo, or relax on the couch to pass an hour or two.

Second, you should make everything but the inventory keyboard only... Maybe it's just me but I don't like having to switch to my mouse to click one button every time I talk to someone.

Thirdly, animals. Add in a pet shop that sells little dogs, cats, foxes, birds that'll fly around, etc etc. Press space to make them follow you and space to resume wandering, and put them inside your house if you want, or take them out again. If I see a puppy running around in a space helmet I will die of a cuteness overdose. xD

Maybe the option to visit other planets? A farming planet would be cool. Or maybe make that your own little world that you can decorate with flowers, outside objects (maybe have the scientist sell you these after you give him a certain amount of ore? including useful things like barns and house upgrades, or aesthetic upgrades like gazebos and waterfalls), animals, etc. You can have a bunch of farm animals, which you have to buy food for in the winter (and yes, add seasons and holidays!) or let out to graze, and you have to put them back in the barn at night or else intergalactic space foxes will eat them. xD

Idea for fishing and farming: You have your own pond which you can breed fish in, and check the population. Give an option to throw the fish back if you catch one you don't want. Then, you can either buy fish from the fisherman or catch some of the rarer ones in the town lake. And make trees take a few days or a whole season to grow, and include all the fruits.

More villager interactions? It's been said. But I'd like you be able to talk to the villagers and make friends with or even marry them, and have little armless babies. xD And maybe each villager could have their own planet too, with their own decorations and little animals running around. You could do quests for them to increase their friendship level and get prizes like animals, seeds, saplings, objects, etc.

And the mortgage... well yeah, it's useless. Except for the badge (and I didn't get any token o.o). Maybe add interest if you don't pay off at least 5 dollars each day? And if it reaches a certain amount, scary tax collectors will come and take some of your furniture, animals, etc.

A lot of these make it sound like Harvest Moon, but I think your idea is pretty unique, with the perspective and all. And they're just suggestions. This is just what I personally would like to see, but you should make your game for you. xD

Oh yeah, finally a few glitches: Ores will appear twice a day (once at 12 AM and once at 5 AM) only if I sleep. Otherwise I'll just get the 12 AM ore. And not sure if this is available from the start or after you buy flowers, but once your flower counter hits zero, you can still plant one more flower and have -1 flowers. Finally pause menu doesn't pause? Right now there's not much point to making it pause, but if there's a point in the future where you might need to pay attention to the time of day (like what I mentioned before with putting farm animals back inside before night) then you should fix it. :P

Anyway sorry for the overly long review, I just have a lot of ideas. xD I hope to see an update or maybe a more detailed sequel or something. Whatever you do with it I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun. xD

JackAstral responds:

Wow- thank you so much for the detailed review. Those are some really great ideas + suggestions! Especially fish breeding- I can't believe I didn't think of that! Thanks again!

Ughm, after I open a shop (flowers) or look into my wardrobe, I dont know how to close the flower\wardrobe\etc window, makes my game un-playeable ....

JackAstral responds:

Click the Arrow button next to the window you want to close