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Reviews for "Cycle; Fourth Moon"

wheres the hidden golden astronaut token??

Interesting concept! Like Grimex said, it was a little hard to see, but the game itself is pretty awesome! Maybe you could implement a zoom when the character stops moving, and when they move it zooms out a little bit. Eitherway nicely done! Reminds me ever so slightly of Stick RPG (it's nothing like it, but you know what I mean :3)

Like a flash version of animal crossing, Mildly hard to see but super fun to play!

Lol. Plant saps, immediately hack em and get the same amount of wood as grown, buy axes on discount fridays.. You'll have your debt paid within a month.

A really good game. I just love the way everything looks and it goes so perfectly with the music. Just by looking at it you could tell a lot of effort was put into it. The way the game itself is played feels a bit too slow paced, but that could just be that I'm not a big fan of games like Animal Crossing.