Reviews for "One World"

This is an amazing basis for a game. it just isn't in its final form. It would be cool if you could zoom in more and, if you do, i would love to be a ble to create a specie with more options like spore.
Like i said,This is an amazing basis for a game and i would love to see more out of it.

it's actually a good start for making games, keep like this! :D

I enjoyed this game, and you definitely did a good job, however I do think a few things could have been improved.

The only real "visible" changes I encountered were the land (Land) and light (Atmosphere). Nothing else seemed to cause any visual changes at all. I would have loved to see the surface of the planet change as I did more and more upgrades.

There also didn't seem to be any "strategy" or requirements to this. For example, I had more prophets than I had people, and more people than I had animals, etc.

If each tier required a certain amount of the tier below it, it would have called for a little more strategy, which would have made it a bit more engaging than just "wait for enough points to skip a few of the upgrades."

Again, I did enjoy this and I think it is a good start, but at the moment it's more of a proof, than a game. I really do hope you will continue to expand on this, the ambiance and mood of it were all very enjoyable, especially the music.

Not seeing what prophets do...Neither temples, I have 2 now and can't see them. Enjoying it overall though.

I love this sort of games.
Wish they would be A/AA/AAA games with that theme with a deep spiritual core.
but everyone has wishes....