Reviews for "Purrmageddon"

Good game, only wish it was longer.

-An actual shop.
-Adding Newground badges.
-Some more hype then just aim 'n shoot. Perhaps explosions/more background effects.
-Customize your Cat-ageddon, could depend on your customizations.
-A "Help" tool, telling you what each powerup does, since you insisted on having a tutorial for "how to aim".

I'm gonna guess the cat didn't mind taking over the world, he just wanted the yarn in the control panel.

BADASS KITIES! This game is pretty fun! :)

Fun game but also lacks some things. Like a shop where you can spend your points. Or the ability to use the different power-ups that you got throughout that level.
Also can you make the button for Kiz10.com smaller so I don't have to click on 'level' to not get a pop up.

Does this game have something to do with this?http://imgur.com/user/Scrumbies/favorites/4Km24

Awesome game!!!