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Reviews for "Purrmageddon"

grat game!! i love the little kitty xD

What was there was good. This is one of the best name-pun games I've ever played. Too bad it was marred by your shameless self-promotion. My only real complaint, aside from that, is the acid power-up. It reduces the amount of spread you have, and gives your shot a silly trajectory. It would've been better if the amount of acid was the same as the bullets; five streams of acid equals five bullets fired from your normal gun.

fun game, about 4 star rating, however it is far to easy and lacks any form of challenge. I also took away .25 stars each time you made me go to your webpage WHICH WAS ALOT.

Would have given a higher score if not for the sole fact that each time i pressed the next level button, I was forced to the games creators site. just took away form the game

It could be better if we could choose the upgrades we need after each level.
The boxes of points disapear too fast I find.

Good game ;)