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Reviews for "Purrmageddon"

Totally love this game. It's simple, epic, and oh-my-God-that-kitten-is-ADORABLE-AS-FUCK.

ANYWAY, I got 3 stars on 11 levels, but I died on the 12th level. Guess that means I have to stop. ;-;

Also, I don't know about you, but the "bug" seems to be fixed. It didn't redirect me or anything, so yeah, GREAT GAME, LOVE THE KITTENS.

This game is just a spam for Kiz10.

You get Half a star 'cause this game is awesome. You lost the other 4.5 because the "bug" isn't. Its not there on your shamelessly promoted Kiz10 site. You are terrible person who will dine with telemarketeers in the underworld.

Decent enough.
Automatic site redirection is shit anyway, I hate you because of that.

I simply loved it. I like how i got 3 stars at the first five levels. Anyways, i added it to favorites.

Love the style! A little too easy, and unfortunately no ending/boss, and the upgrades are o.p. haha. Great foundation and has a lot of potential if built upon.