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Reviews for "Purrmageddon"

this game is newgrounds GOLD just like peace keeper its a fascinating game to play simple but yet challenging but it doesnt suck you in its easy to pull away when you want to leave rather than being addicted and never leaving your room just to play 5 STARS ALL THE WAY!

Nice soundtrack, all hail the feline overlords!
Bit simple and repetitive tho...

Aww, lookit da cute liddle kitty kat! WHOOOOZ godda fuzzy tum-tum? YOOOOUZ godda fuzzy tum-tum, yes him doez!! N..No, wait, bad kitty--BAD kitty, Oh GOD NO MY GOD IN HEAVEN HOW WHY HELP U--AAAAIIIIIIRRRRRRRRGGGHHHHH***************

cool game 15 stars

Nice how they snuck in a popup when you click to go to the next level.