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Reviews for "Purrmageddon"

The game was fun I loved it the music was great every game needs good music and you got it. Cats taking over the world. Funny i like it you keep doing things like this i'll definitely play.

This game was really fun to play and I like the concept idea of cats riding giant robots. The gameplay was good and simple but there are some mechanics I really felt not right in the game.

The upgrade system felt really unnecessary when progress through the game although I could felt the power of the gun but the rest upgrades like armour is pretty useless on higher levels as if there were no changes on the armour. The gun upgrade probably feel better when you upgrade it's power on the spot in the game and not after the end of the level. Maybe you should make the main weapon switch able to a special weapon like the acid gun but still retains it's limited ammo. Since every time I get acid gun I felt it's range is not adequate to be used in certain situation. I really wish you add some boss fights in this since ploughing through enemies felt a bit stale for awhile or at least put some dialogue in the game to make it feel lively. Graphic wise it is good but I recommend you add some more environment location like in the forest so the background doesn't feel repetitive.

Overall, it is simple and fun game but always remember try make your game feel less repetitive as possible so your game can live longer.

If anyone interested, I made a let's play on this game. So feel free to watch it.

I agree with the points made in lynn-ng's review, I love the art, play style, main character, and upgrades, as well as the choice of music. However, level structure doesn't deviate much and there doesn't seem to be any visible change in any of the upgrades awarded other than fire rate. Another thing I found rather frustrating was the game forcibly redirecting me to kiz10's site after every level. Overall this is a great game though, keep it up!

I like to know how many levels are there??

no level count, all like the same I played like 10 level never ending??

I really enjoyed this game for what it was worth, but there was a little bit missing, and a few quirks I would have loved to see to make this game just that much better. Let's break things down.

Art: The art was pretty good, and it fit the theme pretty nicely. Everything was nicely animated, and the mechs looked threatening like they should. And the cat is adorable because cats are cute. :3

Gameplay: At first, the game was not too engaging simply because I felt like I wasn't really doing anything. There were guys. I shot them. Woo. However, once you started pouring on tons of enemies and added to the challenge, then it started feeling like a joy ride. I loved absolutely destroying entire fleets of tanks, zeppelins and mechs! Sooo satisfying!

Power-ups: Most of them were pretty good. The time freeze power-up was downright necessary, and a great addition. The ground bomb power-up was also very useful, especially when trying to deal with ground enemies and air enemies at the same time. The poison spray power-up was fantastic because of how easily it took care of missiles, but like Kimiko99 mentioned earlier, I would've liked it if the spray powered up as you upgraded as well because after a while, regular bullets would do the job decently enough, so the spray began lacking a purpose. The anti-missile bots were also really useful when larger waves of enemies starting popping up. The only power-up I felt disappointed with was the satellite. I would've liked if the satellite was more of an immediate thing so it could be easier to line up a good shot, but even then, it still felt like it didn't do that much damage. It could've done better with a larger blast radius or greater damage.

Upgrades: This is my largest complaint with the game. The upgrades ultimately felt a little useless. While the "more bullets" upgrade was very nice, the rest of them felt kinda useless. While you got more upgrades to damage and defense, it felt like they didn't give more damage or defense because the enemies got stronger as you did. And while there's nothing wrong with scaling up the enemies to still be a challenge, the upgrades simply come off as pointless because they don't really do more damage or give more defense when the enemies pretty much got the same kinds of upgrades. My recommendation for this is two-fold. First, if you want to make the same kinds of enemies but give the player an indication that they're stronger, give them a slightly different design. For example, if you want to tell the player that the blimps are more powerful, then make them seem larger or give them spikes or something. My second idea: allow us to buy our own upgrades. The upgrades in this game feel more like a hand-out just for the sake of raising the difficulty than an actual reward. Or maybe we don't want defense power-ups that we won't really need. Giving us the option to buy our own upgrades would make the process a lot easier and intuitive for us than being given the upgrade that you think we should have by this point.

Overall, I really enjoyed this. It was a fun distraction that does it job well. This is a concept I'd love to see return, but next time, make the upgrades feel like upgrades and try to balance out some of the power-ups so they can be more useful in the late game as well as the early game. Other than that, you did a great job! :)

thundersnail responds:

Thank you, I appreciate reviews like this. We'll learn from our mistakes, and make the next game as great as it can be. :)