Reviews for "Mouse Fan Club"

If I had to critique this… thing… I'd say the attempts to be deliberately creepy weren't needed, like burning Pete in boiling blood or whatever that Garry's Mod-esque flailing was supposed to be. The loose-limbed schizophrenic puppets were more than enough.

There's nothing magical or special about this other than the entertainment value (though admittedly there is plenty), especially as there is no real animation ability needed here. In fact, the worse it looks the better for this… Shrek-heavy "genre" of purposeful nightmare fuel. Funny while it lasted but not worth thinking about for more than a second or two.


Holy shit, it's like those generic Disney characters from the local dollar store have come to life, and they're dancing around...and plotting to slit my throat once I go to sleep. O_o ...I LIKE IT!!!

so many drugs were used in the creation of this toon

This was boring and stupid, and was made for the purpose for the maker to let other people jerk him of by saying things like oh your so avant-garde or oh there must be some deeper meaning, which there surely is not. This is a stupid and annoying attempt to be different that offends and disgusts me.