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Reviews for "Royal Warfare"

Nice game so far. But I would very much like to have a speed up button. It runs pretty slow for me, but maybe that's entirely because I have a $3.95 laptop that makes even elementary school kids LMAO so hard at it that milk squirts outta their noses.

Great game!

This Game Is AWESOME!!!!

Simply amazing and addictive game! Great job. I really like the in battle leveling up of experience by individual soldiers. It is quite intense with having to balance out your different soldiers and types to be ready for the type of attacks. I have only played for about 4 hours and have a long way to go which I am excited to continue playing.

I predict some NewGround awards with this recent submission. A great game that represents the spirit of flash strategy fun.

platonskedow responds:

Looks like the game goes well enough, and soon I'll start to develop the second part. if you have some thoughts on how to improve the game, feel free to drop me a message!

Nicely done, my friend! I really like the sounds and effects, the animation was really good too! Everything well sync and balanced... Bravo!
Just a few points to work on though:
It`s really annoying trying to click on the units you want to (specially foes) when they gather up... But I really dont know how to solve that (maybe some zoom in function)
It would be nice if the upgrade tree showed the next level stats...

Nevertheless, great game!