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Reviews for "Royal Warfare"

not as I suspected its an ok game but you cant make it bigger so everything is any sized and it just... I don't know for me it has a bad feeling like they put a little bit of effort into the game

platonskedow responds:

I'll add a fullscreen support asap.

a few words

it won't load the game won't load no matter how long I wait or refresh it

platonskedow responds:

Hopefully it's fixed now!

Very fun and challenging to play perfectly. A few observations: 1. To create groups why not use CTRL+numbers? We grew up on starcraft and most other games use CTRL 2. One should be able to add units individually to an already selected group. Say I have 5 archers in the middle of a battle and I need to add a mage to the group. I can't draw a box cause that would encircle other units. 3. More hotkeys for would be welcome. For hold position for example. ----- This is that came to mind at first. I congratulate you on this game. Excellent gameplay and music!

platonskedow responds:

1. CTRL was denied by the QA - because of some issues in browsers. However, I'll add an opportunity to use them for the group management.
2. >One should be able to add units individually to an already selected group - in the TODO list. Soon will be done
3. Yep, in the TODO list too.

Great game! But the Darth King fight could have been a little more compelling.

platonskedow responds:

it will be changed soon. I have a good idea how to make it really epic.