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Reviews for "Royal Warfare"

Awasome Game dude keep up the good work Bro

There's a bug that makes it so healers after a round will go up and attack the unit they're priority healing. Otherwise great game, well done!

platonskedow responds:

Wow, really epic bug! Never saw that. Can you explain how to reproduce it?

Great game!! Graphics and music is top notch.

The controls were fine ("shift" creates group in Warcraft too - its usually just above "control"...). Trying to select a individual unit in a mob IS frustrating - especially during battle - but even when trying to organise the troops - I suppose the aim is to not allow the need for this to occur. Only thing I would have liked to be able to do is to order the troops in battle formation (they seem to order themselves into oldest in the middle, newest on the outside).

Liked the way the troops were introduced and how you were given the opportunity to take the maxed out version for a spin first! Enemy battles were varied and never dull.

Initially I tried micro-managing my troops with groups - but it was driving me mad - eventually I settled on a layered bunch of troops (how depends on what troops and what battle) and only two groups - one for my assassin raiding party, and the other for a lone crossbowman to take out bombs - till I worked that one out, bombs were a pain!! Yeah, I would need to muck around with the bunch of troops every now and then - usually when the soldiers were getting a bit far away or didn't return to position (is that a bug?) or sometimes to reorder the layers (mostly for achievement hunting purposes).

Thought the progression and difficulty was fine (on normal) - although if you're not collecting stars ASAP, then you'll probably be suffering. Replay those battles to get your strategy right!

Difficulty setting seems to only make the enemy tougher - not any smarter - so little replay value here since you need to use the same tactics to win - just takes a little longer to grind the enemy to dust. Didn't mind - game is long enough as it is!

I underestimated the usefulness of the monk and black mage - defense sphere is great when there is enemy longbow fire - and the black mage can turn the tide in any battle. I suppose this depends on who you upgrade first.

Final battle is one of those things - it is difficult (because it is troop limited - stupid king rushing in) - but it is not really a battle royale - just a lot of troop micromanaging. I'm not even sure what the Undead King looks like - his entrance was a bit lack-lustre. He really needed a grander entrance, maybe walk on, sacrifice the remaining darth knights (for doing a bang up job) to summon his undead minions.

Anyway - it is a fantastic fully-featured game - well done!

platonskedow responds:

Really great review! Thank you!

1. I was forced to remove groups management from CTRL to the SHIFT due to the QA issues. Well, I'll add an opportunity to change the control scheme in menu.
2. It 1.38 ranged units gained their prioritized targets. Hopefully this will reduce the number of painful interactions with bombermen and ghosts.
3. Difficulty. It would be really great to make different waves and enemy actions for each difficulty level, but... I would spend another two years balancing it.
4. Final battle. Working on it. Hopefully, it will be really epic soon enough.

Hi, Game is great !
Only one issue... There is no save ;/
Please do save o newgrounds profile or local save, it will be much better if I can return to this game after some time with my saves ;]

platonskedow responds:

I have already a 4 pages of my TODO list, and it will take at least two weeks to make them all. Try to check the storage settings of your flash player (right click, global settings, storage settings) - usually this error occurs when it is restricted to save data from flash games on the HDD.

Good timekiller... Would like more games like this