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Reviews for "Royal Warfare"

you should be able to build buildings for the warfare and upgrade solider's that would make the game awesome.

Minor bug, level 3, got stuck inbetween waves because of an enemy getting stuck on the edge of the screen and I couldn't progress without refreshing

platonskedow responds:

Yep, sometimes such errors occur ( But I'm trying my best to wipe them all out.

Nice game! Like it :)

Good game, interesting unit options and varied enemies. I noticed occasionally a unit would break formation at the end of a round and walk to a seemingly random spot, and sometimes rogues would retreat as soon as they'd killed a specific target (rather than continuing to fight the next enemy) but on the whole very well made and addictive!

platonskedow responds:

Try to use the "attack stance" - your units will fight until all enemies will be eliminated in the area.
And yes, I'm trying to teach units to react as it is expected, but sometimes they make their own decisions )

Really fun, epic music and great levelling up system, nice one!