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Reviews for "Fire Element"

Nice game! :-)

its really good but its a little to easy i beat it so fast got all the upgrades before the air boss it felt like the only effective weapon was the laser its was fun but it felt short i thought it was missing something like a special weapon or to change the way your shooter looked i beat every level with 100% not all in one try but like in the 2nd or 3rd i didn't think i was going to get 100% on the last level but i did at times the shooter stops shooting and you have to click again and sometimes it will freeze in one spot but im not complaining im just letting you know about the little bugs in it but next time you do a shooter game try to add a little more to it ok :) but i enjoyed it thanks for the game.

amazing game, only improvement is to switch up the music a bit.

Really good game!

This game needs an auto fire option!