Reviews for "Glitch Lab"

Very unique and original game.The glitch concept added a twist that makes you think outside of your normal comfort zone of platforming, plus the signs added a great touch of humor! Rock on guys!

nazywam responds:

You've got to think outside the box :) We will!

Men this must be the best game that I have played in this site, it's just awesome, so creative, you never know what is going to hit you next, you must have spent weeks programming all that stuff. I give the complete five stars that I reserve for games that have something else. Well I also think that the main character could use a face, some background, personality, etc, and also you may create a background history, also yu have to make part 2.

nazywam responds:

Thank You, that means a lot to me :) This game was created for glitchjam which lasted 21 days, so yeah, there was some night-coding :P
As for graphics, I understand, I am actually pretty crappy at graphics so I just looked for sprites and theese seemed to be the best option.
Ps: If you are interested in code, this game is actually open source. You can get it here:
Although I have to warn you, it's complete mess :D

Amazing game! I like the rot13 (glitchy enough) on whatever level it was on. I do wish there were more levels, it was very fun.

Creative as fuck

thats right im friken awesome