Reviews for "Glitch Lab"

To Onyx702,
It's not impossible to get. You simply use the same trick as you do on level.. 5 I think..

Also, great game!

It was OK. I know this game is about bugs, but there are some bugs that were not meant to be there. like on level 3, for instance. there is a coin that is impossible to get. I looked at a walk through to see if it was possible, but the guy also said that he could not figure it out! nazywam and Nick Dolan, (the creators) good job, deserves a sequel, love the concept. Keep up the good work! (P.S the coin may be possible to get, but it is REALLY HARD.)

i found some glitches jk

ik the point XD

Level 13 H@ackerz acheivement! you my good sir must be GLITCHEINSTIEN!!!

This was a really fun game, and I thought level 5 was funny! I know what the qr code means, I just don't know how to use it to get the achievement.