Reviews for "Glitch Lab"

Amazing game! I like the rot13 (glitchy enough) on whatever level it was on. I do wish there were more levels, it was very fun.

Great game! I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or not but one level 3 the "symmetry is beautiful" sign sounds like a Death the Kid reference! XD I'm glad I had once downloaded a QR scanner app for my iPhone so I could just download it again instead of waiting to be able to get it! (I don't know the Apple password on my thingy) Anyway! This was a fantastic game! I still don't know how to get that coin that nobody else can get either. [*^*] Well best be off! Ta-ta!... por favor?
/| |\

Very nice game. it Has very unique and hard puzzles. This deserves 5 stars.

Really fun gimmick. I'd like playing more. Make an upgraded version with twice the levels or something. Only problem was that the guy was a little too slippery. Oh, and for the people stuck on that one coin on level 3, ffs people it's easy just use the good ol' I'm too young to die.

"You Sir, are fucking awesome." great ending!