Reviews for "Glitch Lab"

Very creative, I wish there were more games like this on Newgrounds.

This game is quite fun. And a little trippy at times. I told you guys to leave those shrooms alone. And the barcode scan? You Sir,are fucking awesome too.

Good game...
But i found a few glithces.
Naaah just kidding, i got the point xD
Really good game, the pixel/bit graphics do the objective good.
Very new style of platformer.
I just didn't like how slow it went at times. It became tedious to not only find glitches, but to navigate.
Other then that, goooood.

nazywam responds:

Yeah, I've noticed that it may run in slow-mo on newgrounds for some people.
If you still want to play it, you could try on http://gamejolt.com/games/platformer/glitch-lab/27920/
Thanks for playing :D

Not sure if I'm retarded or what but I'm not figuring out these coins and the H@ckers medal. But it's fun nonetheless =P

Really fun :D