Reviews for "Let it Go - Peach Farts"

So funny :3
Love it!!
Thats right.let it go ♡♡
Princesses can fart woth there sexy ass ;)

4 stars for effort and a little bit curiosity of why is the song fookin popular.. it's an old song yet it's still popular damn... farts is like oxygen to the plants so im not ashame of it.. it's like give and be kept alive :D.. but the author needs to put a Press "play".. cause it's just replaying.. damn

That was way funnier than I expected.

I give this one star for effort and unfortunately did not like it at all.
My main complaint was the singing voice and the jokes were not the best either, all though I do enjoy some fart jokes.
Animation wasn't too bad but I reckon don't speed up your voices as people might think you are trying to hide something

Please, stop.