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Reviews for "20 Waves"

Sort of fun.... but had some serious problems....

The main one being that on occasion, your little engineer dude that you "absolutely must keep alive" would just randomly leave his little pen and go for a walk right in the middle of the wave.

(even when he was still completely surrounded by walls)

Nice concept for a game..... but could definitely use a little polishing.

colburt187 responds:

Yep the game can be a bit glitchy thats for sure, not heard of the engineer walking through walls though, a new bug for the list.

No offence but one of the most boring and monotonic games I have ever played.

1.You can practically end any form of interaction with the game other than pressing next wave VERY soon. (Not exactly sure where but half way would be a good point. Maybe even sooner.)

2.You have 3 weapons with 2 upgrade stages each. First of, the machine guns don't even have to fire at flying enemies. Secondly you don't even need a rocket launcher for the entire duration of the game. Also you only have 2 mining spots. that's it. Want to generate more income? One upgrade per each of the 2 mining stations and that's about as far as you'll get. (If you got any more you could set everything up on wave 5 and just click next wave until you beat the game.

3.You can place stuff over each other which basically allowed me to have EVERYTHING shieded using 5 shields and 1 useless one in the back just in case. But the ammount of firepower I kept putting in the two shields which were up front with the main defense guns was so high that if the turn rate wasn't so slugish but instant, my defenses would 1 shot everything except the bosses before they'd even come on screen.

4.As I said I kept amassing useless firepower everywhere and wasting funds on power stations because I thought to myself "Oh I know these types of games. Easy peezy buildup and then a huge badass boss with 50 million hp comes by and gets true, not happening this time!" and actually that never happened. The end boss didn't even get into 1 quarter of the screen before my anti aircraft guns annihilated it.

5.The music is just a repeating loop forever. Never even changing and it's soooooo boooooring to listen to for the 50th time during your sitting and looking at how the defenses destroy anything and everything that happens to come by.

6.There's no real threat in the game. The ONLY time anything would actually not die upon the first split second of it's arrival would be those shielded ships by which you had to just wait till they drop their shields. No other way to speed up their destruction. Other than that there was no different threat in the game. Every random mob just died upon arrival.

7.After those 20 waves there's nothing. No survival mode, no anything but replaying the same agonizing 20 waves with the firepower that could 1 shot the entire german WW2 army force.

Sorry but I don't understand how on earth can earlier reviews find this game apealing. There's nothing to lift up the rating in the game and I really did try to find something.

Final Verdict - 0,5 / 5


colburt187 responds:

To be honest, I agree with most of the points you lay out here. Im not disappointed with the game as it was an experiment and I'm glad i got it working and finished, but as a complete game there are many things that could have been improved.

The experience each person gets from the game varies depending on the tactics used, As you worked out some loop holes and found an efficient system then the game became boring for you. People who used a different approach will have to be more hands on with repairs and more gradual upgrades so will find the game more engaging.

The upgrades and mining could have been expanded on but one of the things i found most difficult was getting a balance between funds and difficulty level. It was my first go at a TD type game, I'm thinking its probably a bit of an art that takes time to get right.

I like the music, its hard to fit more music in the game as it blows up the file size and bigger file size means longer loading times etc etc.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to write a detailed and brutally truthful review of the game.

Kind of a bittersweet ending... "Yea! You fought off the locals... That means we've strong-armed them into submission and are free to desecrate what remains of their already-troubled planet!"

Sigh, humans... :(

colburt187 responds:

haha, yeah, kind of tricked you into that eh.

I really liked the game, but I just ran into a problem. Round 11 - I didnt take any dmg and I lost. My guy was still covered and everything was firing. Also, I had to restart once because I upgraded mid-level and the level wouldnt end. Fix a few glitches and it will be great.

colburt187 responds:

Sorry about the glitches, i can't lie, the game is a bit buggy, Ive tried to fix the endless level bug but can't work out whats causing it, shouldn't be related to the upgrades but ill give it a look.

Fantastically well-made game.

The gameplay was engaging and required some creativity to to successfully pass to the next level.

The graphics reminded me a lot of the Nitrome game Bullethead, which is to say, they are very, very good.

The soundtrack was perfect for the game.

Overall, this is the best game I've played on this site for a very long time, and is sure to win many awards in the future. Bravo!

colburt187 responds:

Thanks! great to hear positive feedback, yes the art was inspired by the awesome Nitrome style, glad you like the chiptunes too!