Reviews for "20 Waves"

I really like the game, but it has a ton of crippling glitches. Sometimes the guns just choose not to fire at all, and the mechanic walks outside of his area and directly into the enemies a ton.
These game breaking bugs are really what's holding it back for me, and if not for those I may have given it a 4 or 5.

its easy to place mining buildings and power building inside of eachother, just place it above an already placed building, and it will be fall and be placed in the same place as the already placed building.this can also push buildings off the left of the screen. but placing too much causes lag. also @scatmanfan101 , you lose when an enemy gets all the way to the left of the screen.

Its strange, I kept losing even though my little computer was perfectly fine. Is there a reason, or is it a bug?

First of all, I really liked your Artillerize game and now it is great to see that you go towards trying new things for this one. This means that there will be more :)

Of course this one is a little short and there is only one level (compare to Artillerize), but at least, upgrades and power management this time :)

What could be next? Can't wait to see that. Something bigger? :)

I was nigh untouchable by Wave 7, with 20 more waves to go. The score alone didn't really compel me to keep going after wave 12. What I didn't like was that when a Medal Get! icon flashed on the screen, until that icon went away, the game would not register any mouse-clicks from me. I was never in any danger of failing a wave, but it was annoying when announcements I didn't ask for kept me from repairing my units only to have to buy and place them all over again.