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Reviews for "Riverside"

I really like the style of this! Make more!

This was more fluid and easier to use than Sagittarius. But it has the feel without being an out and out copy. SO good job hyppy@ DAMN MAKE MORE NOAWW. If you please. So awesome!!!! ;) ahhhh... so relaxing!

One of the best games i ever played by far this year especially like the art style for the game and the way it is told.

*spoiler* when todd runs from the car after choosing to escape in amy's car it says "tood, come back here". not sure if intentional or a minor spelling mistake but i thought i would let you know


A pretty good survival zombie game! It have everything! From the need of survival, to the choise you made to actually make inpact on the story and to the point that its has to be one of the best text/comic based game i played in a good amount of time ill keep track of your work!