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Reviews for "Riverside"

Part of me wishes you did this one before The Sagittarian series, but it's all good. it was nice to have a change of pace.

By any chance, is there going to an ending to The Sagittarian series? I figured some revelation or whatever would be a nice touch to the series. Alice is Dead was a solid trilogy, and I figured The Sagittarian deserves the same treatment, because it is so uniquely good in the CYOA genre.

Caution, contains spoilers.

A good short story with good comic art and dialog. I found it a bit funny how one of the cars you run to is an absolute piece of crap, and that you actually gave the option for your group to actually call attention to themselves after making their escape from the house.
I did have a few minor complaints, though. The main one is that there's only one real way to get away, and all the endings stem from that one choice.
The Second is that the deaths were very limited. There were a few that were different, but usually it was the same picture of your bloodied arm on the ground.

I also liked that you gave the option for the music to be turned off, as most game/interactive comic makers often neglect that little aspect.

This one was short and sweet. You spin a good yarn without extraneous detail or prose and just the right amount of humor. As an author in the zombie apocalypse genre, it would probably be a good idea for you to learn the difference between the words horde and hoard, however. This isn't the first time I've seen you abuse them. Hint: Food is something you hoard; zombies tend to form a horde. :P

Every one of your games is always addicting, and I always look for the endings that matter.
I have played every single one of your games here. I think, if you haven't already, you should release them as a compilation for iOS and Android.
In future, however, I would like to see more depth to the adventure. Take me further into the story. Who is there? What emotions are going through their head? What is their mindset like? Can they be trusted? You get my point.
Anyway, great game!

So happy to know that you're still making games. i've played almost all of your survival games and enjoyed every single one of them. good job! c: