Reviews for "Riverside"

great game but forcing to start all over is a bit harsh
how to get all endings spoilers

cheak to make sure and dont let him in
sneak out back door and amy open fence
med supply than run urself (one ending)
search survivors(one ending)
two other endings-
search weapons
go to farm
don't save people at wreackge(one ending)
save people at wreckage(last ending)

please make more whenever you can; your stories are always changing and building on top of each other, allowing us to see more and more of various peoples' struggles during the zombie apocalypse; its just awesome

I love how the choices you make affect the adventure! please make more if you can!!!

Great game! I love the games where your choices change the history.

Ps. Poor Phil :'(

It takes awhile to get all the ending, but it's possible. It's a great game, and the story is great also.