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Reviews for "Riverside"

awesome as always man i love the new change in characters also i noticed your keeping the black guy always dies first trend in there YAY for racism :P


Woot! Another "choose your own" game involving zombie survival from Hyptosis!

I managed to get a win the first time through (fast fence scaling + self defense + farm is a good way to win, especially the farm part if the walls hold), but I find it agreeable that both of the car options not leading to survival doesn't make much sense, especially since the only option after finding how bad a shape Todd's car is in is to be an idiot rather than sneak back in the house and escape out the back.

It also took me a while to figure out that helping in a fight led to one of the endings, since the Zombie Survival Quiz (those who didn't try that out yet should do so) mentions that helping other survivors under attack with only melee options is actually the stupid move. As the quiz answers say: "you may be 'rescuing' infected survivors, a group you may well be joining." I even thought I clicked that once and died, but I'm probably mistaken...

It's a pretty good game if you want a few moments with a fresh zombie survival game.

Great game, geat atmosphere as allways, now some of the choices are smart but others are just based on luck that is why 4/5, not 5/5, still great game.

And thinking about it in a zombie apocalipse you got be lucky, so maybe that is for the best.

I love this zombie apocalypse series!