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Reviews for "Riverside"


Brings me back to the good ol days

its really frustrating that if you make one wrong decision, you have to start all over again, other than that, the game is really good and i expect a sequel.

This is pretty good for a spinoff of The Sagittarian series. I hope the characters from this run into Sage and the player character (or Anna and the player character, depending on the branch of the story) and maybe even run into that girl named Brin from "The Union" route of the very first The Sagitterian game. She'd make a nice callback to the first game, don't you think?

A much simpler version when it comes to comparing to the Sagittarian series, but still never the less holds up it's charm very well. The game wins a lot out of the charm and the music- plus the rather simple art style that gives it quite a nice perspective that most other games wouldn't go for.

As stated earlier, the music is good for one that loops around constantly: and it feels like it fits the theme that the Sagittarian series have been going for quite a while now: so no shame in doing it, and no shame in not stopping. For the gameplay elements, it's really as simple as it gets: click the option that sounds the best to you, and hope you don't get dead-ed by the undead or any other threat.

The characters feel quite different from each other and not like the usual zombie-invasion/apocalypse stereotypes that we're often used to seeing on this site when it comes to these form of games, but are generally your average dudes that you'd expect to find: with of course dicks and idiots included.

One thing however that does kinda set me off is when it's one of those fifty-fifty style of gameplay. You know, like "Huh. Two paths- one gets me dead-ed, one doesn't. There's no evidence of which does what, and the picture doesn't really aid me in understanding what's going on. YOLO." Like in the beginning when you peek out the window to see your bud covered in blood. I didn't see any of that shiz in his mouth, or any bite marks on him on the picture: so don't punish me so extremely with death when I look, check him out: don't see anything and let him in.

Another thing is the unseen threat- or just the outright stupidity death. When you go out to catch Todd's car and it's obviously banged up to hell: how come when your character looks at a horde of them and it clearly states- They look pretty sick - his options are all but to do with yelling at them, getting their attention or PUNCHING UNDEAD KIDS. This guy just had a home busted into by a friend who nearly banged him up- and he goes out to punching a zombie kids.

Other than that- for it being so short, it receives a 4/5- mainly because of some of the issues when it came to the pure-guessing game, some very minor mispelling and lastly just that it was overall a lot shorter than most of the other Sagittarian games.