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Reviews for "Skate R Die"

where are these kids parents!?!

Speedo responds:

they were his mom n dad aaaall along

Hahaha! The Cavemandcj comment. XD

Here's to AGDQ 2015!

Speedo responds:

thank you for the list of evil pigs in videogames

It's a unique kind of horrifying that you can do 7+ content that's actually good. Think about it. YOU. Kids are doomed.

I'm still using "THANKS." as an inside joke with myself.

Speedo responds:

i think "thanks" is the funniest word ever for some reason i cannot stop saying it quickly and monotone (like paul demonstrated in the vid) please send help before i thanks out of control

Dat Poor Sad Nerd Doe.

And that's why i don't skate