Reviews for "Skate R Die"

I really liked the characters, the voice acting, and the presentation. What I didn't like was the poor audio sync near the end, and a lack of background story. All in all, an above-decent effort. The only thing really missing is a solid story. I'm hoping you will make more flash movies with these characters, I see a lot of potential in them.

okay. everythink is awsome and amazing. then the end comes and his mouth starts flapping out of sync with the words like a bad anime dub. but still the best damn thing I've ever seen. i'd like more of these characters

nice dude, Funny ending I like what ya did there. Many plot twists like woah, they're ghosts.

I'd like to say i haven't seen anything that random before but i'd be sadly lying since my brain denys the existence of ever watching this.

this want the average in your face fuck off stuff that gets peoples attention. This was actuallu well written. gud jub