Reviews for "Skate R Die"

Funny vid, quite quirky, nice style

to everyone who says he steals 'style' hes been long estalish with his style. just because people have similar jokes and art work doesnt mean they copy

Good animation. I hate to say it, but I see too much of the Oney or EgoRaptor style humor where we have random fits of exagerated animation or dramatic moments. I liked the short but for future material I would love to see something that doesnt borrow so heavily on previously established styles.

Speedo responds:

sorry for using occasionally exaggerated animation and dramatic moments in my cartoon, this has long been established copyright oneyraptor© 20067 and all those other times exaggerated animation and dramatic moments happened in cartoons before those guys came around weren't real, they were a figment of your imagination. ren & stimpy doesn't even exist wtf. courage the cowardly dog never happened. and what the fuck is a looney toon anyway? quit trying to convince us otherwise, sheeple. walt disney was just egoraptors alt account.

nah jk its fine thanks!

Is that Kamina?

Awesome, kinda reminds me of Oneys animations.

was that an explosion sprite animation from Metal Slug at the end?

Speedo responds:

yea lol