Reviews for "Skate R Die"

don't you mean skate or die and nice video man

Dat Poor Sad Nerd Doe.

Really good, fluid animation, very good graphics, good lip syncing when it counted, pretty funny.


Nice to see something. Funny, I did like it but as I know if it is based on the game doesn't look like it too much. The big may look like the real player from the game, and the girl might be his girl he was trying to impress. But all in all not to bad, its really nice!

Speedo responds:

its not based on any game, what are you talking about?

Great animation,
Don't know if this has been asked but was the title inspired by an old game or film?
or did you come up with it?

Speedo responds:

pretty much just inspired by the "big ramp jump" trope of a character trying to make it across a big fall with just a ramp