Reviews for "The Sheep Shop"

haha nice animation

very good, but are you soo wierd.

Cute, original, and simply ingenius with befitting music. Oh, how much NG could use more artists like you!

Those where the most human sheeps that i have ever seen in an animation.

And the story is so damn faithful to reality, the mastermind behind the salve-driven clothe marked was even rewarded with a new beginning killing her accomplices destroying all evidence of her involvement and even making a new business out of it, plus she remains unpunished since no one knows that she was involved in the whole incident, they think that she was also a victim!

Man this was perfect.

Hilarious! I love the twist at the end, and I thought the irony of "Granny Sheep" (as I called her) working in her own sweatshop was perfect. The piles of sweaters were a little unrealistic (all of them were laying in a "T" shape and not bending and folding as clothes do within a pile), but with the amount of sweaters you had to draw, that's understandable. Overall a great animation, and I can't wait to see what you do next!