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Reviews for "Letter Quest"

Usually these kinds of puzzle games quickly become repetitive and become boring after only a few plays, but I think there is enough variation in Letter quest to keep me interested. The challenges give the player a reason to replay levels and the upgrades seem varied enough that I would want to keep playing in order to attain them. I had one issue with the level design because store purchases were used right after buying them rather than being able to select a turn. If I buy an upgrade I want to save it for when I can use it with a good word.

I have no problems with the interface and artwork. Seems like a good game.

I'm not a fan of early access purchases, but I put in my vote on Steam Greenlight and hope that Letter Quest is accepted.

Welcome to the real world, Neo.

An ActionScript error has occurred:
Error: ERROR: manufacturer type of adobe linux reported, but I don't know how to handle that...is this a new platform?
at grimmwords_web()

baconbanditgames responds:

Thank you for letting me know about this error (since it doesn't show up in any error reports because it happens so quickly after startup). I've uploaded a new version and it should now be working, can you give it a shot and let me know? Thank you!

If you want the explanation about how it happened (because this has been tested on Linux before) - I was checking if the manufacturer (the value that Adobe provides) contained several different strings such as "Windows", "Linux", "Unix", "Macintosh", and this has been working fine. Unfortunately I wasn't converting the string to lowercase, and was checking against "Linux", and sometimes Adobe reports "linux" instead of "Linux" it seems. That's my fault, although it's pretty quirky on their part. I'm now converting it to lowercase, and doing all checks with "linux", "unix", "windows", etc. like I should have been from the beginning.

It's further complicated by the fact that Stage3D support (which Letter Quest requires) is only available in Google Chrome on Linux, and that's what all my testers were using. When running any Flash content in Google Chrome, adobe reports a manufacturer of "google pepper", regardless of operating system, making it even harder to tell what system configuration someone is using - so in that case I can't even tell that someone is using Linux.

To check if your browser/system/operating system supports Stage3D, you can check on this page at the bottom: http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/multi/stage3d-unsupported-chipsets-drivers-flash.html

Thanks again for pointing out the error, and I hope everything is now working properly. Cheers!

The game is great, but i don't like stolen ideas from other publishers, bookworm adventures was one of the only original games i know, now that's getting ripped off as well. The bronze,silver and gold values of letters too. I appreciate your effort though.

A very nice game (reminiscent of Bookworm adventures for obvious reasons). Maybe try to add other languages dictionaries as well.

really good game. Something I would add it's to write with the keyboard