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Reviews for "Letter Quest"

Ok, wow. That demo is so much fun! I'm going to go download it now. My only wish is that it would be longer than 40 levels. I could get lost for hours playing! Just played those first seven and spent 40 mins! Great concept, wonderful art, easy to pick up gameplay! Really terrific guys! Keep it up!

Is there a 1 that isnt a demo

Very nice game. Though it reminds me of a game called Bookworm. Anyway if the full version is out will there be more things like upgrades,weapons,heroes etc. Anywho great game expecting more, and heres some stars you need em. Great Game.

Great game so far, but it is just a demo. So I went to put it on my Android phone, and to my dismay it is unavailable in Australia.
Please can you guys get this up and running in OZ. I really do want to throw money at you for it, but I can not :(

Excellent game. I checked out your website and it seems there is much more in the full game which is good. More RPG-like. A good variety of enemies and some humor. Speaking of humour, pretence or organise Does your game allow both "American" and "Rest-of-the-World" spellings? I haven't come across any chances to test it yet.

One serious improvement would be to animate the enemy sprites and backgrounds. Even just having the enemies sway back and forth and the candles flickering. Without animation the game appears to be lower quality than it really is.

I voted for this game on Steam as well. I think it is a well-thought-out game.

baconbanditgames responds:

Thank you kindly for the detailed review! There is a lot more to the full game, with different backgrounds and music tracks for each set of stages, and a lot more variety all around. There's also an expert mode that can be unlocked, to really challenge people with a great vocabulary.

We're a Canadian indie game dev team (just two of us!), so we included both/multiple spellings of every word that we know of. So yes, humor/humour, pretense/pretence, organize/organize - all of those work. :)

We would love to animate the enemies, just need to find the time and budget to do so! It's definitely on our wish list for the game!

Thank you so much for voting on Steam, we really appreciate it!