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Reviews for "Letter Quest"

3.5 for the reason it's a demo.

If it was a full game I could see this being a 5/5, but because it's not I don't get the full experience and while I am enjoying the game and the little bits of using my brain to have fun while learning and re-learning through various means it's not enough to help boost past demo-status.

As a whole if the game is the same as the demo, but more to do then it's pretty dam solid and seems like it'd be fun for those times when you have down time such as air ports or in-between classes or such.

kind-a like book worm ilike it!

Full game should be here, not a demo...

Weegie doesn't work, game broken

i love the game but i hate demos. i understand you worked hard on this and it's only fair to make something out of it but i don't pay for any game and it's dissapointing i could only go through the first 7 levels. i think you should probably make the game a little longer for the people who do pay and thus the demo as well.