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Reviews for "Letter Quest"

Bit like boggle, bit like final fantasy.

It's a nicely polished looking game the music was on a loop and got a tad long in the tooth after a while but still had that epic feel to it that any good game soundtrack should have.

It'd be cool to see the npc's and enemies animated instead of just static sprites.

The definitions of the words I can't seem to find in the iPad version.

I love this game genre! I got all the stars the demo had to offer. Very enjoyable but it gets a penalty score for being just a demo.

There should be more games like this.

Very nice game! It's a shame that's only dthe demo version and it's REALLY good for the ones whose English is not the mother language.

Just completed the hole demo. It was easy, but the fourth star was hard as hell.
The game is AWESOME. The book feature that gets xp is very nice. I love all the upgrades you can buy, it's so diverse in so many ways. I would purchase it if I had money (no job yet). Graphics are smooth and rich. The music and sound effects were nice too.

The only thing that I didn't liked is that is missing some words, I mean, when I spell them (and I checked if I spelled them correctly) it does not recognize them.
And some quests are for the Full Game only, and appeared in the demo. Yes, I could skip them, but they shouldn't be there.

Other than that, this is such a good game. The potential it has is awesome. I loved the chests were you have to guess the word, and that some monsters demand certain things to be attacked or to deal them double damage. Those little details, for me, makes this an awesome game.
Congrats dude!

baconbanditgames responds:

Congratulations on beating the fourth star in each stage - they're a bit easier in the full game since we tried to do similar to what "Defender's Quest" did for their fourth stars...where the first 3 are fairly easy to get, then the fourth one is intended for you to come back to as you get a bit stronger. :)

Thank you for all the feedback too! If you remember any of the words that weren't recognized please let us know and we can add them to the game's dictionary, thanks!