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Reviews for "Letter Quest"

Overall good game.

The layout of the item menu is easy to get to which is nice.
My only problem with this game is that you can't do what I'm doing right now: type. It would make it much more enjoyable than having to click letters.

baconbanditgames responds:

We have looked into keyboard input (and do allow keyboard input for the treasure minigame on the PC version, as well as various, configurable hot-keys for common actions), but allowing keyboard input for the main game is really tricky due to having multiple of the same letter on the board, and having one or more of those letters being poisoned, a crystal, etc. so there's strategy involved in which one you pick. There's also enemies that only take damage from corner tiles, etc. so you may want to use an E that's in a corner instead of in the middle of the board. We're still trying to think up a way to make it work, but it's super-tricky!

i could play this all day its very good for a demo

129 damage and best word ever.

All else I ask is some improvement of the graphic, the lines around the protagonist is black while that around the enemies are white. I don't quite like the red flshes you get when moribund, it's distracting.

The music is a little to electronic I feel, but otherwise a great game and amazing concept!

Cute game, just a demo.

This is an awesome concept. Apparently it's been done already, but still fun. Not sure why, but it sometimes lags for a few seconds, but that's not a major issue. Good job.