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Reviews for "Letter Quest"

Cool, I have the app for this game on my iPhone :P it's fun!


I discussed this with a friend of mine, and I'm unsure if this is already in the full version, but it seems like there would be a clear open spot on the HUD. I feel this could be used as a "letter spot", in which you could drag a letter to the spot, keeping it away from the main 15 letter board. There could also be upgrades on it i.e. making it be invincible to certain status effects.

Suggestions outside, it's fun, and I plan on getting the full version. Which, I hope will have some lowercase letter options :p

No "internet" ??

Great Game, nice graphics, fun to play and challenging at times.
I can only see one "problem" with it: Q. In English, Q used followed by a U most of the time (a scrabble cheat website gave me 31/580 U-less words with Q), hence most Q tiles are here to stay. Although the stages are short enough (in the demo at least) for a hanging Q to not be a great inconvenience, in later stages I imagine it gets quite problematic.
Solution: you could follow the Boggle example and make the "Q" tile a "Qu" tile (probably modified to do more dmg, hence keeping the overall word damage equal to a 2 tile QU word. If possible, it could even be made in a way where the U on the QU tile is optional, thus not stopping you from spelling faqirs (the one U-less Q-word I know :P)

Other than that, GREAT GAME! 4.5/5 because of Q :D