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Reviews for "Letter Quest"

It is a good game, it has a nice art, but lacks the story, and i remember playing games like this before. In my opinion it needs more work on it. I would add some more words, but that is usually my problem with games like these.
Funny descriptions, but I am sad its a demo.

I absolutely love games where I can spell words in creative ways. Playing these games helps me refresh my mind, and I can keep track of words I haven't used often. When I find a word game, I often wonder if the game will spark that sense of wonder in me like my favorite word games do. I started playing Letter Quest yesterday evening because I felt like spelling.

Letter Quest is so adorably cute! The graphics are appealing, the music is compelling, and I find myself smiling very often at the humor in the game. Grimm is really sweet, too. :) I love the pizza comics!

My two favorite parts of the game-play are the dictionary entries for each submission and the special quests you can complete by focusing your words in various ways. These quests are not only fun, but enriching. Each quest encourages me to think differently and explore new ways of making words.

Each time I make a word, I read the dictionary definition to see what I can learn. Then I remind myself of my active quests, and I make decisions about how to find new words based on my available letters. I even test out words by clicking letters in an order I didn't expect, and then, I get to learn new words!

The shops are cute, and the upgrades improve the strategy of the game. Earning stars makes the game more fun, too.

I have to give Letter Quest the full five stars! It's a thrilling adventure.

Thank you so much to Bacon Bandit Games for sharing this amazing gift! I have to get the full version.

arse isn't a word?

Needs to be an andriod/iphone game. Hard to compete with the full version downloadable games you can get on a pc, but I would definitely play this on my phone.

baconbanditgames responds:

It already is an iPhone and Android game! We've put a ton of work into this demo and the PC and Mac versions to make sure that they really shine, and have tried to put in all of the features that make a desktop game a desktop game (we don't ever want to do a quick mobile port, we're not fans of that practice at all!). Hopefully you enjoy the game on your phone/tablet! :)

Just like the good ol' days when I was just a little kid - Popcap made a game with the exact same concept. I used to play that a lot :)