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Reviews for "Letter Quest"

Great upgrading system, and clever game play. Only reason you don't get 5 stars is because demos are needy and pretentious.

Looking forward for the Full Game! Keep Stealing Bacon Bro... ur Awesumm!

So much fun and so much to do! The little Grimm dude is really cool too. Art style on the whole is really great.

Spotted a few buys with words that it would and wouldn't accept and don't really understand why you can't use two letter words, particularly on the challenges where you have to use a restricted amount of letters.

Would highly recommend.

baconbanditgames responds:

Thank you for the detailed feedback! If you can remember any of the words that didn't work, let us know and we'll add them to the game's dictionary, thanks! :)

As for two-letter words not being allowed - we made that as a design decision early on. We might revisit it sometime to see if it makes sense to allow them. Thanks again for the suggestions and feedback!

Great game! I somehow, "remarkably" made the word "remarkably"! WHOA.

Now this is a demo! Had I the funds, I'd probably try to get it.

You gave enough content that I can really play with this and see what the game is like, while, understandably, keeping some things locked. The art is amazing, and it's a great way to get kids, and even adults, learning how to spell. Good luck getting greenlit and should I ever get the dang money, hopefully I can get the full version. Sadly, things like food, healthcare, and bills have to come first.