Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT II: Uprising"

The game was pretty good, I tested the game and most issues I found are all fixed.

I like the characters, the story and thought the voice acting was a nice touch. Also the music was of a high quality as well.

TheEnkian responds:

Your support is always appreciated :)

This is a great game

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks very much! Glad you liked it.

Coolness :D

TheEnkian responds:


You already made me squeel that it has voice-acting! Freaking love RPGs so im gonna enjoy this! Thanks for taking the time to make this game :D

TheEnkian responds:

We thought that the voice acting would be a nice addition :) Hope you enjoy!

A great game that was improved greatly in comparison with its prequel, so good job on that. There's more to do and leveling up and earning money is more feasible. The plot so far had been interesting, and, as such, eagerly await the sequel.

The only advice that I would have is changing how easily the earlier inns are traveled to or make it so that all the inns increase to a set price as the game progresses because in all honesty, I just use the first inn since it's the cheapest. If you are keeping the different prices, you should make it so the player has to travel there by passing through the earlier towns or a la Final Fantasy, by walking around the overworld (I see you are including one from the comments) to the previous town.

The only trouble I am having is finding the heat steel. I have fought in different areas repeatedly, but have yet to even come across it, which is rather frustrating (so much so that I took a few days break from the game). If you could point me in the right direction with that, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks again for the great game and good luck with the sequel.

TheEnkian responds:

What I tried to do with the inns was give the player an option of convenience or price, the increase in price was higher than it probably should have been though.

Sorry, no, we don't have any plans to include an overworld, you might have misunderstood? It's a good idea in theory, but we'll be sticking with a world map where you select options. There will be optional areas and a split path or two that'll make it feel a bit more open though if that helps?

Heat steel may or may not be obtained from certain fiery lizards in Mt. Fartha...maaaybe ;)